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Claims Against Government Entities

by Vincent Davis on July 15, 2013

Have you been personally injured by a government entity? If so, time is not on your side and you must act quickly to protect your right to bring suit against that government entity.

In California, prior to bringing a lawsuit against a government entity or a government employee, you must file a claim meeting the requirements of the California Tort Claims Act. This requires you to file a claim with the specific government entity you allege caused your personal injury. A claim against a government entity must contain: 1. Your name and post office address, 2. The post office address where you want to receive notices, 3. The date, place, and circumstances giving rise to the alleged claim, 4. A general description of the damages, 5. The names of the government employees causing injury, if known, 6. The basis for the dollar amount if under $10,000 or if above $10,000, you must state whether it would be a limited or unlimited civil case.

A claim made to a government entity must be filed within six (6) months from the date of the injury. A claim not made within six (6) months may forever be barred. If you have passed the six (6) month deadline, you must seek permission to file a late claim stating the reasons for your delay.

Once the claim is submitted, you must wait for the government entity to respond. If the government entity does not respond within 45 days, the claim is considered rejected.

If your claim is rejected or denied than you have the right to bring a lawsuit against that government entity. However, the statute of limitations to bring a lawsuit is within six (6) months of rejection of the claim.

When dealing with personal injury matters involving government entities, it is imperative to act quickly, otherwise, you valid claim may be forever barred.

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